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The Times of India | Sarfaraz Ahmed | TNN | Jul 10, 2017 |

Nagpur: Unlike other engineering colleges, passing in exams, covering the syllabus or completing routine assignments are not discussed here. Participants here are not spoon fed but given failure stories to read, popular quotes and jokes to ponder over, shown pictures and sketches to help them find answer to their queries. Welcome to the Knowledge Center of Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET), where the focus is on four Es — enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment of the learners. The latest initiative by its founder and head of department of Physics, professor Sanjay Jain, is an expo titled ‘Beyond Marks and Degrees — Knowledge, Skills and Wisdom’. Under this programme, Jain has identified 12 sub-themes and invited all those who are interested in knowing the science behind everything in the universe. At first, one may dismiss it as just another ‘science exhibition’, but a careful look is sure to engross the onlooker into the details of each theme. Jain has also kept a demonstration ready to show how sound is carried through light using the laser technology.

“Our education system has only done more harm to different streams than any good. While the importance of arts and commerce deteriorated long back, engineering was the last one that met the similar fate. Today, 50% seats in engineering colleges go vacant while 80% engineers are jobless,” Jain said. “Thus, we decided to move from the limited world of marks and degrees to the unlimited world of knowledge, skills and wisdom. Here there are no teachers but experts with whom issues or problems are discussed and solutions are collectively found,” he added. Jain informed that principal Vivek Nanoti has been very supportive. “It started as Knowledge Center for physics, but the principal asked us to extend the scope to all subjects. Thus, the part of college library was converted into Knowledge Center.” He added that generally everyone is aware of what great scientist and reformers have achieved. “But, many, especially, students don’t know what kind of disasters or failures they went through before tasting success. It is these failure stories we tell at the Knowledge Center to motivate students,” he said. Quoting Albert Einstein, Jain said everyone is genius, and therefore the entry at Knowledge Center is not restricted to any specific group. “Students from other engineering colleges too are visiting the center to seek insight. I have no problem if any school students come to us to learn here. The doors are always open to anyone wanting to pursue scientific study,” he said. Pointing out that the current education system is not suited for the industry, Jain said literature, study material and posters are regularly updated. Jain’s belief in his endeavour has made him write to President Pranab Mukherjee. “Recently, the under secretary wrote back stating that my suggestion to start knowledge centers across the country was referred to All India Council of Technical Education. The proposal would be considered by AICTE’s Board of Studies.”

Theme: Beyond Marks and Degrees — Knowledge, Skills and Wisdom
* Unbelievable/amazing powers of knowledge,
* Discovering the joy of knowledge — Eureka moments of scientists
* Learning through jokes
* Curiosity corner — knowledge around you
* Learning through pictures/sketches/diagrams
* Learning through failures — struggle stories to success stories
* Learning by doing knowledge for career edge

  • Learning through application

  • Seamless and holistic knowledge

  • Wonderful and exciting knowledge

  • Learning through quotations — Pearls in the ocean of knowledge and wisdom  /   Courtesy



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