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Indian Americans Naval Agarwal, Karl Bilimoria Conferred Status as AIAA Fellows

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India West | India-West Staff Reporter | Jul 26, 2017 |


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently conferred the award of AIAA Fellow and Honorary Fellow for 2017. Among the new group of Fellows, which was announced earlier in the year, includes Indian American Naval Agarwal of The Boeing Company and Karl Bilimoria of the NASA Ames Research Center. “The work and leadership of AIAA Fellows and Honorary Fellows consistently ensures that today’s aerospace dreams become tomorrow’s realities,” said AIAA president Jim Maser in a statement upon the Fellows being announced. “They are individuals who have each shown a tireless dedication to shaping the future of aerospace. AIAA congratulates the members of the 2017 Class of Fellows and Honorary Fellows on their selection.” Fellows are named in recognition of their notable and valuable contributions to the arts, sciences or technology of aeronautics and astronautics.

Agarwal is a technical fellow with Seattle, Wash.-based Boeing. He has several U.S. and foreign patents and has published more than 70 conference papers and journal articles. Agarwal earned his bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute for the Advancement of Engineering. Among his other accolades include several NASA and industry awards such as “Outstanding Engineering Merit Award” from the Orange County Engineering Council in California in 1999 and the “Industry Engineer of the Year” from the Puget Sound Engineering Council in 2007. Bilimoria is an aerospace engineer in the Flight Trajectory Dynamics and Controls branch at NASA Ames Research Center, working in the areas of air traffic management, spacecraft handling qualities, and space traffic management.  He recently led a team that conducted a series of high-fidelity flight simulations to build a knowledge base of pilot control systems and cockpit displays for the next generation of human-rated spacecraft. Bilimoria earned a doctorate in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech in 1986. Prior to joining Ames in 1994, he was on the aerospace engineering faculty at Arizona State University as an assistant professor and research scientist, working in the area of flight dynamics and control, according to his NASA bio. He has served on the NESC Technical Discipline Team for Guidance, Navigation, and Control since its inception in 2004. Bilimoria was also a finalist in the 1996 NASA Astronaut Candidate selection. – Courtesy   /   http://www.aiaa.org/fellows2017/


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