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Pass credits to be brought down to 160: AICTE chairman

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The Hindu | Special Correspondent  | July 27, 2017  | THIRUVANANTHAPURAM |

The number of credits required to clear the B.Tech. course would be brought down from 200 to 160, All India Council for Technical Education chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe said here on Thursday. He was speaking to presspersons on the sidelines of Sankethapravesam-2017, an induction programme for incoming engineering students jointly organised by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU), the Kerala Startup Misson, and the IT Department. The reduced credit works out to a reduction of 10 credits per year of study. At the KTU the credit requirement is 180 at present. The change would be implemented from the coming academic year. Antiquated syllabus and a run-of-the-mill mode of setting question papers are among the main reasons why a high percentage of graduates from engineering colleges are labelled as unemployable. The reduction in credits would give students the leeway for self-learning and time to do experiments. Academic pressure on students would come down significantly. There would be changes in the question papers too. Instead of just asking students to regurgitate what they have learnt, there would be questions designed to see how well they apply their lessons to particular contexts.

The AICTE was also planning to put in place a student induction programme, lasting three weeks. This programme would go beyond textbooks and expose students to the challenges facing the country. The programme would also help students improve their communication skills and other soft skills. This induction programme would be piloted in 150 colleges. Faculty members too would undergo a six-weeks induction programme. With one teacher designated to counsel and mentor 20 students, the induction programme would help facilitate their smooth entry into the academic and campus life. Moreover, the ‘Swayam’ learning portal developed by the Union Government and the AICTE would ensure access to quality education for all. Lessons from the best professors would be made available free of cost and this is expected to augment and enrich student learning. Earlier, Dr. Sahasrabudhe also participated in a panel discussion that explored the possibilities of developing a entrepreneurial start-up culture from within educational institutions. – Courtesy   /     Click here to watch the youtube video  Sankethapravesham 2017 at Tagore Theatre, Vazhuthacadu on 27th July


1 Comment

  1. Dr NALINI says:

    AICTE initiatives highly appreciable and commendable. The take up has to be proceed in the same spirit to maintain quality education in higher education .

    A long term strategic plan has to be arrived and execute in a systematic pattern.

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