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Performance report: Less than 10% pass in 60 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu

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Deccan Chronicle | A RAGU RAMAN |   May 15, 2018 |  Performance report: Less than 10 per cent pass in 60 engg colleges in TN |

10% to 20% variation between April and December semester results. Three colleges in the state two in Kancheepuram district and one in Perambalur district registered zero results.

Chennai: Due to the streamlining of evaluation of answer scripts in December 2017 semester exams, 60 engineering colleges in the state have registered single digit pass percentage and the difference between April 2017 and December 2017 semester exams is huge with more than 15% variation in the results. With over one month to go for engineering counselling, the Anna University released the academic performance of nearly 500 engineering colleges in April and December semester exams on Monday. There is a huge difference in the pass percentage as the top-ranked institution in April exams has got 97.99% and the top-ranked college in December exams has got only 86.71%. In a rare move, the Anna University has debarred over 1,100 faculty members from evaluation of answer scripts following variations in marks in over 50,000 answer scripts of students who appeared for April/May 2017 exams. The punishment varied from one to three years proportionate to the variation of marks. The answer scripts had variations up to 40 marks. It also streamlined the evaluation process for December exams by providing answer keys with marks for correct answers. PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research in Coimbatore has secured top position with 86.71% results in November/December 2017 semester exams. It is followed by Vellammal Institute of Technology in Thiruvallur district with 84.97% and SSN College of Engineering in Kancheepuram district with 84.77%. Of 497 engineering colleges, 60 colleges registered less than 10% pass percentage and 83 colleges register pass percentage from 10% to 20%. In total, 382 colleges got less than 50% pass percentage in the exams. Three colleges in the state two in Kancheepuram district and one in Perambalur district registered zero results as 91 students in these colleges failed to clear the exam. Except for the top 11 colleges, the rest of colleges secured less than 80% results in the semester.

The results of April 2017 exams is in contrast with the December results as 234 colleges registered pass percentage more than 50%. The number of colleges secured the single digit pass percentage is also less with only six colleges registering less than 10% pass percentage. In April 2017 exams, the Regional Centre of Anna University in Tirunelveli secured top position with 97.99% and it was followed by Sri Sairam Engineering College in Chennai with 90.46% pass percentage. “This year the variation in pass percentage is 10% to 20% in the results. The punishment to faculty members for variation in marks in April exams has played a major role and the regionwise evaluation also one of the main reasons for the variation of pass percentage between April and December semester exams,” said B.Chidambara Rajan, principal of Valliammai Engineering College, Chennai. He also suggested following a state level evaluation like in polytechnic colleges to reduce the difference in evaluation. “In polytechnic colleges, the answer scripts for each department are evaluated at the state level. Such an evaluation will reduce the variation in results,” he said. Career consultant Jayaprakash A. Gandhi said the academic performance of engineering colleges does not have any impact on the admissions. “The academic performance was released more than a month in advance and during the counselling, the students will not remember the performance of individual colleges,” he said. – Courtesy


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