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Engineering graduates tricked by fake ONGC job offers

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People Matters | Drishti Pant | 21 May 2018 |

Several engineering graduates from across India arrived at ONGC’s Delhi office with fake appointment letters for which each candidate had given Rs 10 lakh.

Representational Image

On March 7, 2018, two men from Hyderabad came to the Delhi office of ONGC and showed their appointment letters for the post of graduate engineer trainees at Eastern Offshore Asset, ONGC at Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. After conducting an internal inquiry, the officials concluded that the letters were fake and informed the candidate that their selection was not registered.  Later, the vigilance department of ONGC contacted the two aspirants for more details where they were informed that a job consultancy firm in Hyderabad promised them the job. In fact, each candidate had given Rs 10 lakh for the job under the ministry quota to the crooks, who contacted them through a placement agency in Hyderabad. Reportedly, the accused even conducted interviews inside Krishi Bhavan. Now, the Delhi Police is examining this multilevel job racket after ONGC informed them and brought this scandal to light.

One of the candidates shared that they met an agent based in Delhi in April 2017 who promised the job under the ministry quota. He told them that his brother-in-law is working with ONGC and asked them to send their documents to the agent. Later they also received a mail from ‘ONGC HR department’ through the email id ‘hrd.ministry@ongc.co.in.’ After a few days, the candidate received another email that confirmed his interview for the post of assistant executive engineer and asked him to report at ‘Recruitment Cell, ONGC, Krishi Bhavan’ on August 24. He shares that there were six more candidates from Hyderabad at the location. Four days after the interview, he got a mail confirming his selection and a pay grade of Rs 24,000-50,500 with a 3 percent increment per year. While investigating the matter the company’s vigilance inquiry found that the signature on the offer letter had some resemblance to the officials from HR department. While the standard format was not followed, the examination of the email ID indicated their origin from ONGC domain thus indicating the involvement of an insider. In the preliminary investigation, the police have found that the consultancy firm has shut down and the phone numbers used by the crooks are not functional. They are further looking into the matter and searching for the cons that pulled off this job racket. – Courtesy


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