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Mumbai-based non-IIT engineering student Abdullah Khan lands job at Google with Rs 1.2 crore package

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Mumbai-based non-IIT engineering student Abdullah Khan lands job at Google with Rs 1.2 crore package | Gadget Bridge |  29 March 2019 |

Abdullah Khan

Scores of technology professionals across the globe dream of getting jobs in big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook among others right after passing out of their respective colleges. In India, thousands of students even prepare for years before they get into prestigious institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology. However, if you wanted to get through IIT and couldn’t, you have no reason to be depressed as it is not the end of your dreams and you may still be able to work for one of these. You don’t believe us? We’ll give you Abdullah Khan’s example. According to media reports, technology giant Google has hired the Mumbai based 21-year old engineering student after the company spotted him on a hosting website for online programming challenges. The search giant has reportedly offered him a package of Rs 1.2 crore. The reports also said that his six-figure package includes a base salary of Rs 54.4 lakh per annum coupled with a 15% bonus and stock options worth Rs 58.9 lakh over four years.

Khan is in the final year of engineering and studies at LR Tiwari Engineering College. After Google saw his performance on the website, the company reportedly reached out to him via email. What followed was a few rounds of interviews online and then he was asked to appear for a screening at Google’s office in London.  Speaking to a popular daily, Khan said, “I used to participate as it was fun. I did not even know that firms check programmers’ profiles on such sites. I showed the email to my friend who knew someone who had received such an email in the past. I am looking forward to joining their team. It will be an amazing learning experience for me. “ It’s definitely a dream opportunity that Khan has got. And with his story, thousands of students who did not make it to the IITs can get inspired to not give up on their dreams only because they didn’t get through a particular college. Colleges and universities are only a way to get through job interviews of big technology companies, and not going to your dream college nowhere means that you would not get your dream job. At the end of the day, technology companies like Google and Microsoft are looking for talent and intelligence among potential employees and no degree can guarantee entry into these firms. – Courtesy


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