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UAE Education Ministry to grant equivalency to Indian Degrees

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Jagaran Ghosh | Apr 1, 2019 |

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is going to issue equivalency to all Indian Degrees which match the equivalency criteria. This move comes as a huge relief to those having difficulty in getting jobs in the country. The Indian Ambassador to UAE, Navdeep Singh Suri called on the UAE Education Minister Hussain Bin Ibrahim last week to discuss problems faced by Indian Nationals following the rejection of equivalency of some of the Indian Degrees due to lack of clarity over internal/external marks. According to a press release issued by the Indian Embassy the UAE government has reviewed the information provided to it through the ‘Action Pan for Academic and Administrative Reforms’ issued by the University Grant Commission (UGC). The UAE education ministry has now come to know that the word ‘external’ in the mark sheets refer to the method of evaluation and not a place of study. The UAE Education Ministry has notified that it has no objection to equivalence those degrees that meet all the other certificate equivalency criteria.

The press release also mentioned, “Those applications that have been rejected previously, will be reviewed and equivalency letters would be issued after meeting all other certificate equivalency criteria.” The Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates also informed that it is working on all such applications gradually and have also requested for co-operation from all the people concerned as it will take time to review all the cases due to a huge number of applications. This decision has surely come as a huge relief for the Indian Community which constitutes a large part of the total population in the United Arab Emirates. This clarification by the UAE government’s Education Ministry will help a lot of people who seek employment opportunities in the Gulf country. – Courtesy


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