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About the MBCET Central Library


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MBCET Library

MBCET  Central Library – A  proud  partner  in  the  institution’s  march towards  its  mission

MBCET NAAC Flyer - MbCET Library

MBCET NAAC Flyer – MbCET Library

 The backbone of MBCET is the library, which provides all possible facilities to its members.

Library has all the modern infrastructure and facilities.

A good collection of 20000+ engineering books for six engineering branches, assist its members to complete the academic program in an excellent and efficient manner. Books are classified and arranged well as per Dewey decimal classification; so the members can locate the books within seconds.

The library is computerised. The circulation system (Issue, Return, Reservation) is based on bar code system.

The library have more than 20000 print documents such as text books and Standards and specifications by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).Other than text books, Reference works, Standards and specifications, technical reports, back volumes etc.

Apart from the conventional library, the library has a digital library contains sufficient digital documents such as E-books, E-journals articles, Technical reports, Conference proceedings, IEEE standards and specifications etc.

The Library is equiped with latest hardware / software for the Database server, UPS system. All systems are supported by 24 * 7 uninterrupted power supply.

In addition to Central library there are departmental libraries for almost all department, which house book borrowed from central library for quick reference. In addition it includes a varied number of books donated by the faculties of the department. Efforts are on to improve the facilities of the library and also to improve the stock of the books.

The creation of a Digital Library using open source GSDL (Greenstone Digital Library) software is in progress.


1. Repographic Facility.

2.  ‘ Library Instruction classes’. & ‘E-Journal Instruction classes’

3. SDI, Selective Dissemination of Information.

4. CAS – Current Awareness Service.

5. OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue

6. On demand Literature search.

7. Online access to e-journals.

8. Online access to e-resources.

9. Online access to databases.

10. Library Portal.

A separate periodical section is there with 48 national and international periodicals. Bound back volumes of journals, question papers etc are there for reference.

Library remains open from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all working days and also on Saturdays ( 9am to 4 pm)

This Library is under CCTV Surveillance

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