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Cloud-based Storage Utilities


Have you ever lost your precious computer files or data because of a crash, or your notebook having been stolen,or some other freak computer disaster ? The portal come up with the best possible cloud storage solutions to help you…

1. BOX – Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage,  – 100 MB

2.  DropboxDropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again . Dropbox – 300 MB

3. 4shared.com –  Free Cloud Storage –  2 GB

4.  Myother Drive – 100 MB – Online Backup, File Sharing, Online Storage

5. Sky Drive – 300 MB via web

6. Yousendit – 50 MB

7. Gmai / Google Drive   – 10 GB

Gmail users utilize their Gmail storage (approx 10 GB) in the same way as they use storage on their computers. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, store and drag’n’drop files, once installed it’ll appear as ‘GMail Drive’ . When opened for the first time you are reqired to provide your gmail address and password so that program can access their account. The storage will depend on the space you have left in your Gmail account.

8.  Carbonite – Unlimited space.

9. Sugarsync – Unlimited space.

10. icloud   – Unlimited space.

11. justcloud – 2 MB


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