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Social Media for Academics

Social Media for Academics / Researchers in the social age of teaching and learning.
Social networking tools,  Social bookmarking, news and social citation tools…web 2.0
The benefits included connecting and establishing networks not only with other academics but also people or groups outside universities, promoting openness and sharing of information, publicizing and development of research and giving and receiving support.

  • The rapid accessibility to a vast and professionally meaningful network.
  • Feeling better connected to other academics.Dissemination of work to worldwide readers.
  • Enables connections with a much great diversity of people who wouldn’t normally come to  attention.
  • Come across ideas would normally not encounter.
  • Links to papers and articles that would not be on academics radar normally.
Click any of the links below to visit the site.
  1. BibSonomy
  2. CiteULike
  3. delicious
  4. diigo : Diigo is a multi-tool for knowledge management.
  5. Mendeley
  6. Reddit
  7. Zotero
  8. Google Bookmarks
  9. EverNote -If you like taking notes at conferences and want to share them.
  10. Social networking services
  11.  Academia.edu : Acplace to share and follow research.
  12. Friendfeed
  13. LinkedIn
  14. MethodSpace
  15. Nature Network
  16. ResearchGate
  17. Google Plus
  18. Presentation sharing tools
  19. Scribd : share your documents in a large social community.
  20. SlideShare
  21. Sliderocket
  22. Audio and Video tools
  23. Flickr
  24. Livestream
  25. Picasa
  26. SmugMug
  27. Viddler
  28. Vimeo
  29. Research and writing collaboration tools
  30. Dropbox
  31. Google Docs
  32. PBworks
  33. Wetpaint
  34. Wikia
  35. Wikispaces
  36. Zoho Office Suite
  37. Project management, meeting and collaboration tools
  38. Bamboo
  39. Basecamp
  40. BigBlueButton
  41. Citrix GotoMeeting
  42. DimDim
  43. Elluminate
  44. Huddle
  45. HUBzero  is a powerful, open source software platform for creating dynamic web sites that support scientific research and educational activities
  46. PhDTree : PhDTree is a Wiki project to document the academic family tree of PhDs worldwide, both past and present. The goal is to build the most comprehensive academic genealogy Wiki for every discipline.

1.  Get noticed – Disseminate your research better & how best you can use social media tools to disseminate your research – by Elsevier

2.  From Publication To Impact : Professor Anne-Wil Harzing, University of Melbourne

3.  33 Tips to Maximize Articles’ Citation Frequency by Nader Ale Ebrahim,University of Malaya

4.   The Effective Use of “Research Tools” and Resources – Training of Trainers (TOT)

5.  Practical Guide to Write a PhD Thesis and publish papers based on the thesis

6.   How to write a review paper

7.  Research Tools by  Nader Ale Ebrahim,University of Malaya (This Mind Map is designed to help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the “tools” that are available through the Net)

8. Online Presence: Developing your presence: Course Book – WebLearn

9. Using social media in the social age of learning – Special Issue : Lifewide Magazine…

10. ‘Feeling Better Connected’: Academics’ Use of Social Media- by Deborah Lupton


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